Why Samsung Galaxy S10e may be the right phone for you?

Why Samsung Galaxy S10e may be the right phone for you?


Friends this year Samsung launched its S series phones, and this time we have 3 flagships lined up by the company.

Mobiletech fraternity was going gaga about S10 plus and S 10, even before they were launched, as a result S10e was overshadowed.

Friends S10e for Samsung, is what iPhone Xr is to apple. Through S10e company intends to cater, people who want to taste flagships at a much discounted price.

Today through this post I will talk about the last but not the least Samsung Galaxy phone the S10e, and we will find out why this phone might be the right one for you?

So let's get started.

1. The cheapest S10.

Friends for those who are looking to upgrade, and want a Samsung flagship then S10e is the cheapest from the lot.

The base variant of s10e starts at 750$ and even if you are going with the 8gb ram and 256 rom variant, you still end up paying 50$ less as compared to the regular S10 base variant.

2. Compact size.

Friends not all of us, are a fan of large display phones, there are scores of people out there who like phones with compact sizes.

And with a display size of 5.8 inches, the S10e is really worth to consider.

3. Same processor.

Friends with S10e you will not have to compromise on performance, as its etched with the same processor as its elder brothers, the S10 and S10 plus.

All three brothers have the same processor, snapdragon 855 chipset powering them.

4. Same version of android and Same Samsung ui.

Friends all three models of S10 comes with the latest and greatest android pie.

Also not to forget the fresh Samsung one ui is common in all three models.

So Software wise also S10e is abreast with the S10 and S10plus.

5. Reverse wireless charging.

This is a feature which Samsung could have reserved for its top end models, but surprisingly S10e too has got it.

Having this feature, just adds more stars to the S10e.

6. Regular fingerprint sensor.

Friends you get a regular fingerprint sensor on S10e, it's on the power button of the phone.

S10 and S10 plus have got indisplay finger print scanner, but the inbuilt fingerprint sensor is a tad slower than the regular fingerprint sensor.

Personally speaking I prefer to have a regular fingerprint sensor.

7. Not much compromise in camera department.

Friends S10e has the same selfie camera as in the regular S10.

Only S10 plus has an additional camera for creating that bokeh effect.

Speaking about rear cameras, S10e comes with dual camera setup.

One main rear camera and an ultra wide camera which is same in S10 and S10 plus.

You will only miss a telephoto lens, which is present in the other two models. But that's not a big deal breaker, you can still zoom in with S10e with digital zooming.

So friends if you are planning for an upgrade and want to taste a flagship, without breaking your budget then Samsung Galaxy S10e would be a good choice.

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