What is password manager

What is password manager

What is password manager

Friends we live in a digital age, don't we?

Today there will be hardly anyone without a digital account, bank accounts, social media accounts, demat accounts etc to name some.

With account comes password, managing so many passwords would have become a tedious task if not for password manager, so today in this post I will be talking about what is password manager, can password manager be hacked.

So if you are also someone who uses password manager or thinking to get one, then this post is for you.

What is password manager?

Friends password manager is a software/app which helps to save our passwords of different accounts we have created.

There is a master password of password manager, which you will have to remember, and rest all passwords could be saved in your password manager.

So friends, password manager comes as a big relief to us, as we need not remember every password.

Why password manager?

Friends, as I told you earlier also today we live in a digital era, here every one of us have umpteen number of accounts in different applications and websites.

And when the time comes to create a password for these accounts, most of us have our favorite passwords which we may have used previously in some other applications or are lazy enough to create a strong password, and as a result they end up with their name, phone number, parents name, girlfriend's name etc as their password.

Because of which it becomes very easy for the hackers to hack your accounts.

Also password manager helps our brain to be free, so that we can use it for other productive activities.

Types of password managers

There are two types of password managers.

1. Offline password manager.

2. Cloud based password manager.

In case of offline method, you can install password manager application in your computer's/laptop's hard drive, and can use it according to your convenience.

But what if your hard disk gets corrupted, or say your laptop was stolen, in this case your are bound to loose all data saved in it.

So friends here comes the cloud based password manager to your rescue.

With cloud based password manager, you can have access to all of your passwords from anywhere, from any device.

Can password manager be hacked?

Friends as I told you earlier your password manager comes with a master password, you have to see to it that your master password is unique, very strong and not common so that you can keep hackers at bay.

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