Saving tips for 2019

Saving tips for 2019

Saving tips 

Friends 2019 has kick started, and I wish all of you a very happy new year, so in this post I will be sharing with you saving tips for the year ahead.

Friends you must understand that saving money is an art, I'm sure among you'll there may be many, which actually want to save more, but are not able to do so.

So this post will be helpful to all of you, so friends here are few saving tips for 2019.

1. Pay yourself first.

Friends whenever you get your salary, have the habit of saving a regular amount, now this amount can vary according to your income. But make it a point to save that amount first.

The best way is to go for a auto debit recurring deposit, in this way a stipulated amount will be saved every month in a disciplined manner.

2. Track your expenses.

I know this is little time consuming, but believe me this trick helps you a lot.

Write down your expenses, in this manner you will be very sure of where your money is being spent, and can get rid of unwanted expenses.

3. Shop online.

Friends its 2019, almost every thing you need is available online today. Right from furniture, clothes, medicine even groceries.

Shopping online not only saves our precious time, but also good amount of money too.

Friends, time your purchases during festivities, this will save some extra cash for you.

4. Make a list.

Friends how many times it has happened with you, that you wanted to buy a product and you went to super market and ended up buying something else.

It happens everytime, doesn't it? That's quite a human nature. We buy such products because of our impulsive nature, which results in adding our expenses.

To get rid of this habit, you should make a list of the products, before you go to super market, this will save good amount of your money.

5. Avoid using plastic money.

Friends if you are an impulsive buyer, credit cards should be a big NO for you. The reasons are obvious, you end up spending more as you know you have to make payments only after a month.

Also studies have shown people tend to spend less when they transact with cash when compared to plastic money, as one can feel the pinch when cash is spent, whereas in other case one cant see money actually being spent.

6. Don't buy if you don't need.

Friends whether it's a mobile phone or a laptop or a car, buy it only if you genuinely need it, otherwise its just waste of money.

So friends these were some saving tips for 2019, I hope it will be helpful to you. 
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