Samsung Galaxy note 9 review.

                    Samsung Galaxy note 9 review. 

Samsung Galaxy note 9 review

Hi friends I have been an iPhone user from past couple of years but I was never a fanboy. The last android phone that I had used before buying note 9 was a Motorola device.

Friends you can say that I was kind of bored by iPhone because of its limitations it puts on users and wanted an android flagship phone for a change, but not sure which one to go for.

There were quite few options available in the market, but decided to go with Samsung Galaxy Note 9, though I was little skeptical about Samsung's lagging nature.

But let me tell you friends, this was one of the best decisions I took, I will tell you why ...

Samsung Galaxy note 9 review.

Note 9 specifications


Friends believe it or not, no body can beat Samsung in this department. The 6.4 inch super amoled display of samsung note 9 is absolutely mind blowing, watching 4k videos in this phone is a sheer delight.

Infact one of the primary reasons I love my note 9 is because of its display, it's super bright even in direct sunlight.


Friends note 9 has Qualcomm snapdragon 845 chipset installed in it, combined with a 6 GB/8 GB ram, multi tasking with this phone is a breeze, I have been using this phone from past 4 months, but never did I experience any lag or cliche while toying with it.

Playing high end games also are pretty smooth.


Friends one of the biggest reasons why Samsung Galaxy note 8 was ignored by many Samsung lovers is because of its 3300 mah battery, the battery size was not pretty much enough for such a powerhouse device.

But I can proudly say that, Samsung note 9 just kills in this department, the 4000 mah battery will last you for the whole day even on heavy usage.

Friends I use my note 9 like a tractor, and i usually end the day with 20 % of juice still remaining in the battery.

On most of the days I get a screen on time of more than 6.30 hrs.


Friends Samsung Galaxy note 9 comes with 2 options of storage 128/512 GB.

Plus you have a expandable storage slot, where you can top it with an additional 512 GB.

What else do you want ?


Main camera - friends main camera has a dual 12 mp setup with variable aperture, which is a life saver during night shots.

Selfie camera - friends selfie camera is 8mp with f/1.7 aperture.


Friends note 9 comes with stereo speakers and the Dolby atmos option is an icing on cake. It does away with one of the biggest limitation of note 8.

Now media consumption is just awesome with that super amoled display combined with these stereo speakers.

What is better in Samsung Galaxy note 9 over its predecessor.

1. Friends the first thing is battery life.

2. The sound with stereo speakers setup.

3. The finger print placement is at a better place.

4. Last but not least, now the stylus could be used as a remote.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price.

Friends you can buy this phone in INDIA right now at approx 68 thousand rupees.

Samsung Galaxy note 9 colors

Friends this phone comes in lavender, copper brown, black, blue and recently launched pearly white colour.

So should you buy it ?

Friends I would say Samsung Galaxy note 9 is one of the best phones you can get your hands on. So if you have that bucks and want a premium phone, then just go for it you will not regret.

So friends that was Samsung Galaxy note 9 review for you, hope you will like it.
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