Real estate investing mistakes to avoid

Real estate investing mistakes to avoid

Real estate investing mistakes to avoid 

Friends if we take historical data of returns from real estate in INDIA then we can see those who had bought real estate a couple of decades back, especially in metros have multiplied their invested amount several times.

Hence even today real estate is looked upon by lots of investors as one of the safe havens to invest.

So friends through this post, I will bring to your notice real estate investing mistakes to avoid if one has to make handsome profits.

Real estate investing mistakes # 1 - not choosing the proper location.

Friends we have heard this many a times that location of the property, plays a big role in deciding the returns it can deliver to you in the years to come.

But it seems many people overlook this factor, and as a result end up buying a property not giving much importance to the location.

Friends remember its better to own a tiny flat in a posh area, instead of having a plush palace in deserts.

Real estate investing mistakes # 2 - not doing proper research.

One has to do thorough research before zeroing a property, one should never be in a rush to finalize a property.

Take good amount of time and efforts before signing on the dotted lines.

Research regarding infrastructure, location, demographic pattern, amenities etc has to be done.

Real estate investing mistakes # 3 - thinking emotionally and not being practical.

When it comes to buying property no one wants to settle for less, we try to push our budget thinking that a couple of lakhs won't put a toll on our finances.

Whether it's a home you are buying or a commercial property you should always think about it practicality.

Ask yourself the following questions to arrive upon a decision.

Wether I need such a big property?
How much loan will I have to take?
Can I afford this emi?
Do I have the downpayment amount?

Real estate investing mistakes # 4 - not negotiating enough.

Friends often people get emotional and carried away by the sight of the property which they think is apt for them.

As a result they end up paying higher than the worth value of the property, which in turn increases their loan amount and liabilities.

So friends, even if you have come across the best property of the country and are thinking to buy it, sit opposite to the seller and bring out your bargaining skills confidently.

Believe me there is always a scope for negotiations in real estate, try it and thank me later.

Real estate investing mistakes # 5 - not taking help from experts.

Friends buying real estate involves lots of money, so you should always play it safe.

Friends, real estate world Is full of scams and frauds, you ought to be careful.

So take help from the top real estate agents in the area to locate good properties, take help from the lawyers to understand the nitty gritty of the legalities etc.

Believe me the charges you would be paying them won't be wasted.

Real estate investing mistakes # 6 - not selecting the best financing source.

Friends normally its seen that people give good amount of time and efforts for selecting the property they want to buy, but they seldom put that amount of time and efforts while selecting the financing source.

When it comes to taking a hone loan, they mostly end up with the first home loan company they come across.

They will not compare the interest rates, processing fees, insurance amount associated with the loan.

They will blindly go with the first option they come across.

So friends whenever going for a home loan, do your homework properly and select the best one which benefits you the most.

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