How to get 1 crore by investing 500rs monthly

How to get 1 crore by investing 500rs monthly

How to get 1 crore by investing 500rs monthly

Hi friends, the reason I'm  writing this post is to let you know, that you can make a difference to your life financially, by investing 500rs also.

Not everyone out there is financially sound, not everyone can save thousands monthly as a result they look down to investing. 

As a result they never start, they will keep on postponing it, until time is lost. 

Friends many people out there don't know, what super power equities posses? 

Most of the folks think that to start with investing you need thousands of rupees, however this is not true. 

You can start with a paltry 500rs. What's important is to start, where you stand today.

Since what I'm going to show is not any magic, this will take time, discipline and patience but in the end you would have accumulated a good sum.

And since it's only 500rs, it's not going to strain your monthly budget.

Even college students and housewives can easily manage saving 500rs to invest. 

Friends I'm primarily a tutor, and I encourage my students to start with this small amount. And many of them have already started.

Friends since we are talking of small investments and assuming not many people know about shares the route I have chosen for you people is via sip ( systematic investment plan )

Friends sip is a method where you can invest a regular sum at regular intervals, into mutual funds.

Friends let's assume you decide to start a sip of 500rs in a midcap equity fund, at the age of 25. Friends since we are investing for long term, we can afford to be more aggressive hence I have recommended a mid cap fund.

And you decide to continue this for next 35 years, until you are 60 years old. And say you earn a rate of return of even 18% ( midcaps have given more than 20% returns for such a long term ) then you would have amassed 1,19,62,650 rs .

Here's the working.

The interesting part is friends you have invested only 2,10,000 rs, and the interest earned by you is approx 1 crore, 17 lakhs.

Here the power of compounding, worked for you and you can see as a result you were able to generate good amount of wealth with such a small investment.

So the moral of the story is, get started with your investment, and be invested for longer periods, this way you will be able to generate superior returns. 

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